Save the Babies

by Gotta Be Karim

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Gotta Be Karim is back and not playing on his new album, “Save the Babies.” As the opening track
“We Still Growing” makes abundantly clear, he’s on a mission: “This is operation Save the Babies.” The
concept album, which draws its title from a deep cut on Marvin Gaye’s seminal work, “What’s Going On,” is
similarly a deeply personal and reflective view of a life and society at the crossroads. Or as Gotta Be Karim
says, “This is my grown man album.” It will be available on iTunes, Apple Music and other streaming
services starting October 17, 2017.
The inspiration is real life events. During the time that’s passed since his last album, Gotta Be
Karim has experienced a move from the Midwest to the south to the California coast, the death of loved
ones and the birth of child. These things get an average man thinking and for a great artist, it’s a musical
gold mine.
With beats by Lex Boogie, Indiana Rome, Illastrate, Stoney Rock and Trifeckta, “Save the Babies”
has the definite sound of a journey. The steady pulse representing the rhythm of everyday life is
punctuated by those classic 70s throwback anthemic moments that rise to the moment of inspiration. It’s a
perfect sonic palette for a thought-provoking, musically uplifting coming-of-age story.
The protagonist of “Save the Babies” marches toward manhood. In the first single, “Working Man”
featuring Gangsta Boo, we hear about the everyday grind. As Gotta Be Karim states, “It’s about getting up
and going to work hustling nine to five for your loved ones.” In “Can’t Lose” this theme echoes through
again. “Had to hustle for the health insurance,” Karim raps. “Got a family to think about, no less than
purest. Can’t afford to walk around like I’m just a tourist.”
But in growing up, the protagonist encounters forces that try to sidetrack him, leading him to keep
his “Beverly Click” by his side. In the track by that name, Gotta Be lays it down. “My girl Beverly she
represents the ‘Do For Self Initiative’…Basically, it’s just about a bunch of grown men teaching young
punks how to be men instead of their mamas.” The message is that pulling guns out and acting tough for
no reason doesn’t make one a man. As stated “Play Your Position,” the protagonist has had it with that
game: “I ain’t banging over red and blues, I’m banging over black and green, land and schools.”
Yes it will take focus on empowerment to overcome the forces of economic hardship and
homelessness described in the “Build A Couple Schools” lyric “I done been through it all: in the hotel
parking lot sleeping in the car, just me and my broad.” This track features a sample from Marvin Gaye’s
“Flying High” and visualizes a way to rise above these circumstances. “If I can think it I can do it,” Gotta Be
Karim raps. “Build a couple schools, make ‘em learn right; give ‘em all work, let ‘em earn right.”
In a victorious sounding close to the album, Gotta Be Karim is “up early in the morning, six o’clock”
to make money “Hand Over Fist.”


released October 17, 2017

Writters: GottaBeKarim, Gangsta Boo, Repp, Black Spade
Producers: Trifecta, Lex Boogie, Illastrate, Black Spade


all rights reserved



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