Tick-Tock | blctxt (VIDEO)

“Today I got time cuz!”

I still don’t know if time exists to help or enslave humans. Ever since I was about 7 years old my parents always made sure I had a watch. I thought Pops copped the Mickey Mouse Timex so I could stunt on my elementary school but when I lost it, he told me that I had to understand time couldn’t be controlled, just respected. Oh, hi guys, I’m blctxt (pronounced “black text”) and “Time” is my new single and video. As a whole human adulting in these 21stcentury streets, I realize the only true currency  we have is time. I wrote this song at the end of my frustration with not having enough time, sent it to my mans Joshua Worden for the chorus and BOOM-we had a nice little jam. My homie B. Chil is an extremely talented photographer and director who got me into his mind bending visual world for the video.

Check out, “Time” on all digital music platforms.

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